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We Got A Happy Surprise At Live Nude Girls

Friday night is my favorite night of the week.  It’s the end of my work week, and it’s the time when all of my college buddies from the UK and I get together to have a good time.  We literally plan something for every weekend.  This week, we planned on going to the striptease bar.  Ever since we were in school, we’ve always made a commitment to make sure that we chase success before relationships.  In our minds, we’d rather see **live nude girls** than end up married with children.  So, as we walked in the club, we knew it was time to kick back, relax, and drink some beers.

All I can remember is that the drinks did not stop coming.  We were partying and having a great time with hot girls all over the place.  Then, we started receiving cocktails from the bartender.  Before I realized what was going on, we were taking shots.  We had all of the girls at our table because we were the big spenders.  As soon as things started getting interesting, there was a scene at the main entrance.  One of my buddies got into it with the head security guard over a female.  Of course this meant that we could either fight or leave the club.  We are definitely not the violent bunch, so we decided to leave.  I knew that I wasn’t ready to go end the night just yet, so I invited the guys back to my house.

I was still thinking about all of the hot naked babes that we had to leave at the club.  I brought it up to one of my buddies, and he made his way over towards my computer.  He began searching through the Internet, and I had no idea what was going on.  He went to a site and one by one, we all filtered over towards the computer.  We began checking out hotties and it seemed like the night was picking back up again.  Everyone had their favorites, so we began taking turns searching out the females that turned us on the most.  My friend began to explain how he gets so stressed out from work that sometimes he needs an outlet.  I was so interested that I didn’t know what to do. I mean, I literally count down the seconds until my work week is over.  Anything that could give me the chance to see live nude girls as well as relieve my stress is a double win in my book.

The next day, my friends and I were extremely happy that we did not get in an altercation with the security guards.  Presenting a clean cut look is a big portion of what we do at work.  I was even more excited because now I had something to pass the time until the weekend arrived.  When the guys met up the following weekend, we decided to stay in.  We bought beer, watched a game on the tele, and visited our new favorite site on the Internet.

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