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Live Nude Couples Helped us Spice up our Sex Life

After twenty years of marriage you can’t say that there are many things you haven’t tried in sex. I mean, that’s the case with me, at least. My wife and I did all kinds of things and we had our ups and our downs, but in general, our sex life has always been more than amazing. Lately, something happened and we couldn’t wake up our lust for sex. We tried to have it, just for the sake of having it, but believe me that’s not the solution. None of us could get an orgasm and we wanted to do something, to change it. I didn’t want to lose interest in my wife, so that’s why I wanted to do everything in my power to stop it from happening. Since both of us were very straight and forward with each other, I decided to suggest her something she would never expect. I told her that we should try and perform live nude couples chat. I wanted us to interact with other couple online and possibly watch them enjoying in each other, hopping that will turn us on. She thought an entire second about it and she said yes.

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